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Hezbolla Tubman City-al-muqawamah al-islamiyah fi Tubman City

An Open Letter in Response to Covax.BaltimoreCity.Gov

Get Vaxxed Campaign on Facebook

 Baltimore City Vax Poster Original                               Baltimore City Vax Poster Original2

Dear Baltimore City Health Department

 These posters appear as part of your Get Vaxxed Campaign, they are racist, misleading and false propaganda aimed at Black people in Baltimore who have been identified as “Vaccine Hesitant.”

 If your agency disagrees that these posters are racist and misleading I have prepared more aimed at the Vaccine Hesitant in the Jewish, Chinese, Korean, and White Communities that you may wish to add to your campaign.

    Baltimore City Vax Poster Response-Ann Frank           Baltimore City Vax Poster Response-Oy Vey        

     Baltimore City Vax Poster Response-Dum Ho            Baltimore City Vax Poster Response-Oh Fuk Guy

     Baltimore City Vax Poster ---Brad     Baltimore City Vax Poster Response-Becky

     I’m sure that you get the point.

Betadine Protects against the Spread of COVID









 January 17, 2020

--Washington, D.C.

  The United States was murdered by Globalist forces within the cadre of incumbent elected officials on the local, state, and federal level of the  United States racist global authoritarian system of government and commerce, assisted by Globalist billionaires who own broadcast, print, internet social media sites, pharmacutical companies, and purported philanthropic corporations, have succeeded in the plans of ending United States’ national sovereignty and herding it’s people into One World governance under the euphemism of the “Great Reset”.

 For years white racist nationalist like Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond warned whites in the United States that the globalist policies of the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission and the Bank of International Settlements were not in the best interest of the citizens of the United States, as it would lead to the loss of individual liberty, property, family, and the right to free association.

 Globalism like all other European/white forms of philosophical sciences is racist, misanthropic, and has been a destructive force on the planet since it was first implemented by the Vatican 530 years ago through a Papal Bull entitled Inter Divina Cetera, that triggered the so-called white races’ war to completly dominate the planets population and to subjugate all non-white people to global servitude.

 The 2016 Presidential Election was popular defined by the white racist media outlets as the choice between U.S. Nationalist vs. U.S. Globalist with the Democratic Party, Greens and Independents containing a large number of so-called “freethinkers” who agree with hedonistic, atheistic, homosexual, pedophilic, feminist, abortion and purported anti-racist(crypto-racism) social polices. The U.S. Nationalist are mostly white lower to middle class white Republicans, who grew up on the racist medias steady diet of Reagan Conservativism.

 Unfortunately, most black people in the United States support both sides of the racist global authoritarian system, doing so mainly because their livelyhoods depend on a continuation of the racist authoritarian status quo, and rarely consider that the very fourtunes that dicatate how we all live now, are the same that came together in Europe under the banner of Globalism and carved up Africa at the Berlin Conference of 1889.

 With the theft of the 2020 Election from Donald Trump and the censorship in the racist white media that has followed, coupled with the Globalist attack on the United States Capitol and the discussions of “Civil War--it is safe to declare the United States dead as of 11:59 p.m. November 3, 2020.

 Black people let the white man kill each other, don’t be stupid, we’ll have to fight the winner for our Liberation. This is not our fight:

© 2021 David Anthony Wiggins™ All rights reserved






Tubman City----


 NO Government has an affirmative duty to protect any individual according to the Supreme Court of the United States pursuant to Castle Rock v. Gonzales, 545 U.S. 748 (2005), is a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court ruled, 7–2, that a town and its police department could not be sued under 42 U.S.C. ᄃ 1983 for failing to enforce a restraining order, which had led to the murder of a woman's three children by her estranged husband.

 Hence the United States, State of Maryland, and or the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, or any other purported government entity has no duty to protect any individual from the alleged COVID19 Pandemic.

 There are those pushing for mandatory vaccines, whilst the makers of  vaccines and the United States Department of Health and Human Services which oversees vaccine development have been declared immune from liability when the vaccines they development and administer cause catastrophic health complications to those who have taken them.

 There are those pushing an idiotic proposition that mandatory mask wearing should be required to protect individuals from COVID19 infection, irrespective of the reasonable inference that your mask protects you from those who aren’t wearing a mask, and vice versa---all whilst holding the government immune to liability for any health complications that may befall those wearing mandated mask.

 These mandates, dictates and so-called “executive orders” are arbitrary and capricious on their face and are nothing more than tyranny by health decree that must be resisted by people who are not afraid of a viral infection that has a 99% survivability rating.

 All of the things you held most dear are gone, like so many other trappings of this life people place value on. Dinner, trips, concerts, plays, sporting events, are all gone by the way side, as the thing that is too big to fail teeters on the brink of destruction.

 Businesses, jobs, credentials, mosques, churches, schools, symbols of status, undone by a purported plague. Hitler and Mussolini could not have done a better job of stripping their populations of their natural rights.


© 2020 David Anthony Wiggins™ All rights reserved


Black Men;


We as a People are being brutalized and subjected to extrajudicial  murder and other crimes being committed against us, under color of law,  by those who have sworn an oath to "uphold and defend the  Constitution". Genocidal polices that result in the aforementioned crimes, are  enacted, executed and enforced by those in the executive, legislative  and judicial branches of government, who also have sworn an oath to  uphold and defend the Constitution, and yet it is these very individuals who are ultimately to be held accountable for committing Open Air  Genocide against us as a people.

  The United States on its Federal, State, and Local levels of those who  have sworn an oath to "uphold and defend the Constitution", each  individual, who has done so, and who has allowed to continue the  "Deprivations of Civil Rights Under Color of Law" that the Department of Justice has reported extensively on in Baltimore, Cleveland, Oakland,  Ferguson, and other governmental subdivisions of the United States,  under the "Authority, Control, and Power" of ALL of those individuals,  who have sworn an oath to "uphold and defend the Constitution" are  guilty of violating the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of  Genocide. This is not very difficult to understand, this is not overly legalistic, it is a plain fact that exist at law, and most importantly within the  jurisdiction of International Law, which the United States is signatory  to.

This goes far beyond Civil Rights and even "Human Rights", it goes to  the very essence of our Divine Natural Right to stand as men and  separate ourselves from a despotic class of individuals, all of whom,  have sworn to "uphold and defend the Constitution", and who have written numerous reports of their deliberate and systematic policies to violate the very Constitution that they have all sworn to "uphold and defend". Where are the Black Lawyers for Justice on this issue, are they not  officers of the Courts who have sworn to "uphold and defend the  Constitution"? Black Judges? Black Elected Officials? Black Commission  Seat Holders? Black Central Committee Seat Holders? Black Election Board Seat Holders, Black Court Clerks? Black Law Enforcement? Black  Military?

Now that you see what we're up against from those within our own race  who have sworn an oath to "uphold and defend the constitution", but who  go along with their superiors in subverting the Constitution and denying Justice to the victims of those their genocidal polices are destroying.

The time has come for us to remove our plight from the jurisdiction of  those who have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution to the United Nations, and charge the United States on the all of its levels with  Genocide and the Destruction of Aboriginal Black People in North America.

Citizenship can not be forced on us, we can not be forced into the  jurisdiction of a governing class of outlaws, thieves and murderers. The time has come to Separate from those who are committing Genocide  against us, and any Politician, Preacher, Entertainers, Lawyers,  Athletes, Physicians, Professors, Historians, and Pundits, who disagree  are complicit with the genocide.

You all have an individual responsibility to disassociate from forced/  coerced citizenship and contact the International Community for  assistance in charging all those who have sworn an oath to "uphold and  defend the Constitution" with the crime of GENOCIDE and violations of  the Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide. We will be providing our people with the contact information for the  various nations with Permanent Missions at the United Nations.  LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE OF TUBMAN CITY, GARVEYLAND! David Anthony Wiggins©

© 2016 David Anthony Wiggins™, All rights reserved




ShapiroEmail(No Mosby Bond)

On January 30, 2014 I received the email pictured to the left from Joseph Shapiro, the Assistant Maryland State Comptroller for Peter Franchot which details to Nakia Washington that the Comptrollers Office does not have “ responsive documents” for the Public Official Bond of former State’s Attorney Gregg Bernstein but he went on to explain:

We are working with Ms. Mosby’s Office on her bond, and I’ll be happy to forward you that information as soon as  soon as we get it.”---Joseph Shapiro, Asst. Comptroller

According to Article V Section 12 of the Maryland Constitution, as well as, 15-104 of the Maryland Criminal Procedures Article each States Attorney in Maryland must submit a bond to qualify for office, the amount of the bond is $5,000.00 yearly.

Without her bond Marilyn isn’t qualified for office and lacks standing to prosecute any cases in the courts

On February 3, 2015 Caron Brace, Mosby’s Special Assistant responds to my email to notify the States Attorney regarding the report by the Joseph Shapiro of the Comptrollers Office that she doesn’t have a bond and that the Comptroller wrote to me that he was “working with Ms. Mosby’s Office” to get a bond

In her email Ms. Brace states  “ I will assure you that she is bonded and has submitted the requisite documentation to the Comptroller of Maryland”---Caron Brace, Mosby’s Special Assistant..

Things that make you go, hmmm.....


Caron Brace email(Mosby has Bond)


I have received contradictory statements from the assistants for the Office of the Comptroller and the Office of the States Attorney, one Comptroller assistant writing that the Comptroller doesn't have Marilyn Mosby’s bond and you have the States Attorney assistant writing that Mosby’s bond has been submitted to the Comptroller---both of them can’t be right.

Mr. Shapiro, Assistant Comptroller, who wrote:

" we currently have no responsive documents pertaining to your request. However, we are working with Ms. Mosby's office to get her bond. When we receive the information I'll pass it on to you.".

I haven't received the documents at this time and I am waiting for either of the two  Assistants  to deliver the information, when I get that information I share it here, but until such time there is a conflict between the Maryland Comptroller and the States Attorney for Baltimore City over Does She or Doesn’t She have a Public Official Bond that is required for Ms. Mosby to assume and to stay in office.


Wiggins response to Brace et al 1



February 4, 2015

Earlier today I reported on the contradicting information I was being given by the Office of the Maryland Comptroller and the Baltimore City States Attorney’s Office, and I’m updating my last statement on the matter to read that Ms. Caron Brace and Ms. Mosby were telling the truth, and Mr. Shapiro of the Comptrollers Office was not.

The information reuested is public information and is entered into to insure that State officials act in accord with their sworn and subscribed oath of office and faithful performance bond. The state officials surety bond is the mechanism whereby the official must act with all due dilligence and care in the faithful and true performance of all of the duties of their office.

Although Ms. Mosby was correct she did not extend the courtesy of providing us with the information we requested under the FOIA, but I like to believe that my reply which included SAIC Vogt of the FBI’s Baltimore Field Office helped everyone involved realize that full public disclosure is no laughing matter.

In October of 2007, the then, Chief Judge Robert M. Bell issued an opinion letter affirming the right of the People of Baltimore to appear before the Foreman and grand jury of Baltimore City to make complaints and concerns with the grand jury that they may investigate them in the public interest, prosperity and peace in accord with Brack v. Wells, 184 Md 86 and Blaney v. State, 74 Md 153.

We have more than one way to hold errant state officials and others accountable for their wrong doing in office and in the coming days we are going to teach the process to our people and they will learn to hold their officials accountable to their oaths and bonds so that when the question is asked Does Marilyn Mosby support the Maryland Declaration of Rights and the rights of the People we can say She Does.

There is a reckoning coming in Baltimore City, Goliath is about to lose his head.

 © 2015 David Anthony Wiggins© All Rights Reserved



How The Progressive Left and Clergy Response Teams Misdirect The Issue of Police Brutality


LBSflyerPast is prologue

       “Any student of how "integration" can weaken the black man's movement was about to observe a master lesson.”-               

 -Malcolm X


My position is simple and plain If you did not support my campaign to “End Police Brutality in Baltimore City, you are not qualified, morally fit to request that Black people joIn fact Adam Jackson requested my opinion on the efficacy of using the grand jury in Baltimore City after the prosecutors ineptly and or deliberately  failed to get an indictment in Ferguson, Missouri, adam wrote: “David. I was curious about what you thought about the Grand Jury in Ferguson. You're the only activist I've ever heard talk about it consistently in public. I wanted to get your perspective on how those processes are actually supposed to work" ---Adam Jackson, Leaders of A Beautiful Struggle  :

Adam nor his organization supported my campaign even though I advised him he was being set up by being a pass through dummy non-profit, which led him to organize Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, LLC --- I could have been vindictive by incorporating or trademarking the name, but I liked him, so I didn't, but how can you formulate policy if you don't know the processes to gain the remedy?

White liberals like Ameejill see nothing wrong with putting people who know absolutely nothing in front a a Black movement particularly when she doesn't vote and flat out refused to support our campaign to End Police Brutality, Ameejill said: “ Your are right...i don't vote and I have rarely supported/endorsed any political candidates...2) Although I do NOT vote to endorse these fools...i have always played an active role in Annapolis...depending on social causes and legislative priorities...going all the way back to 1994 when i helped to start the Baltimore Chapter of Campaign to End the Death Penalty”. Ameejill doesn’t stop there, no she goes on to tell: “ I've also been a paid researcher, policy analyst and paid lobbyist for child welfare, juvenile justice, and child/maternal health and poverty platforms”. These are the types of  white Socialist, who don’t vote, but are hypocritically participating in the misdirection of the Black movement. If your paycheck is tied to your activism, you’re a political whore, particularly if you do not vote, but lobby the legislature.

In 1963 the Boule led Black professional class and clergy, along with the white socialist liberal left hijacked a movement to hold the Government of the United States before the world for the economic and social conditions that equated to genocide, the grassroots had decided to March on Washington to demand the end to police brutality and extra judicial murder that was part and parcel of Jim Crow Segregation, particularly southern Dixieland states, including Maryland, but their “Angry March” was turned into an acceptable “Peaceful Demonstration for Social Justice” in a few hours from the time of this writing, the samIe thing is being done to the issue of Police Brutality in Baltimore City by those Progressive Left and Clergy Response teams

My response to Ameejill Whitlock was: “There is no rational response to admitted duplicity, no matter how you attempt to mitigate the fact that YOU like Hebrer Brown, Faraji Muhammad, Davon Love, Adam Jackson did not support our campaign to End Police Brutality--not in 2010, 2011, or 2014---how are any of you credible on the issue”?

Malcolm X warned us more than 50 years ago how integrating Black grassroots movements would weaken them, and so it is with the movement against police brutality in Baltimore City---Having run three grassroots campaigns for public office, as the only candidate running on a platform of ending Police Brutality in 2010, 2011 and 2014, therefore,  I am uniquely qualified to address this Farce on Annapolis, as it relates to the issue of Police Brutality and the common law and statutory  remedies that are already current law and the futility of converging on a staged photo op to demand the enactment of more legislation that will not be enforced.

To those who led this Farce on Annapolis: If you had put your petty differences aside and helped me to win the office of Sheriff there would be no need to be begging in Annapolis for the legislators YOU didn't vote for to help you by " working in partnership to accomplish a goal " that I could have performed within 30 days of taking office.


I will now quote Marc Steiner who stated at the RealNews Town Hall meeting December 7, 2014: “ I have police who were my students I'm still very close to who have grown up. And so I know police. They were all around my house as a kid because they would use my house as a watering hole. So I've known them for a long time. You know, they came here to go take a piss and they came to have a cup of coffee and go back on patrol. So, I mean, I've known them” Marc Steiner.

Marc Steiner doesn’t live in Baltimore, he works at WEAA with Faraji Muhammad and he did not talk or mention our campaign on his program, so why would he help get people who “take a piss” in his house Baltimore County home in Sparks indicted for Police brutality, Maryland, he is also friends with the same media that blood libeled Tawanda Jones.

These are the New Big Six in Baltimore City and they are doing exactly what their integrationist forefathers did 52 years ago, Malcolm X saw through it and described it: “This was a national bitterness; militant, unorganized, and leaderless. Predominantly it was young Negroes, defiant of whatever might be the consequences, sick and tired of the black man's neck under the white man's heel. The white man had plenty of good reasons for nervous worry. The right spark--some unpredictable emotional chemistry--could set off a black uprising. The government knew that thousands of milling, angry blacks not only could completely disrupt Washington--but they could erupt in Washington. The White House speedily invited in the major civil rights Negro "leaders." They were asked to stop the planned March. They truthfully said they hadn't begun it, they had no control over it--the idea was national, spontaneous, unorganized, and leaderless. In other words, it was a black powder keg”--Malcolm X.

 There has always been a cogent and morally righteous rejection of integration into a racist system of government and commerce that continues to reduced Black lives to that of articles of commerce, solely to generate revenue for government and corporations, and it is as much a part of Black American history as the Boule led liberal struggle to be accepted into it. In Baltimore we represent the true interest of the Black people whose lives don’t matter to those who proclaim “All Lives Matter” because they collaborated and worked against our campaign to “End Police Brutality in Baltimore City” instead they had a Farce, just like they did in 1963.on enforcing the Maryland Declaration of Rights and the laws that are already on the books.

January 15, 2015

Yes, I was there. I observed that circus. Who ever heard of angry revolutionists all harmonizing "We Shall Overcome. . .Suum Day. . ." while tripping and swaying along arm-in-arm with the very people they were supposed to be angrily revolting against? Who ever heard of angry revolutionists swinging their bare feet together with their oppressor in lily-pad park pools, with gospels and guitars and "I Have A Dream" speeches? And the black masses in America were--and still are--having a nightmare.---Malcolm X on the 1963 "Farce On




 Ameejill Withlock, who would change “Police Brutality” to “Police Violence”, in an attempt to control the narative, without understanding that police are trained and paid to be violent.
© 2015 David Anthony Wiggins© All rights reserved

e of them know law or public policy according to Ameejill Whitlock, who said: “ I don't think any of the organizations that are working together feel like they are misdirecting anyone...in fact most of the work has been done by youth that are learning many aspects of public policy, advocacy, how to build a demo/rally etc....what is bad about that”??

They and tpting to change the agenda from enforcing laws that are already on the books and public policy clearly articulated on this website to lobbying the legislature to pass a repeal or revision of the LEBOR statutues and “subpoena power for the Baltimore City Civil Review Board, instead of demanding access to the Grand Jury under the policy of “Private Prosecution” in Maryland, whereby Private Individuals can t cases before the grand jury and if an indictment is returned before an adjudicative authority---manifest necessity dictates that those who are trained in law and public policy should formulate the remedies sought to ensure that the Black Lives matter. Why must we be led by those who a leading activist admits knows nothing?



Police Brutality and City Government Corruption are the top two central issues of the up coming November 4, 2014 Maryland General Election, in fact it was these two issues which were key to the removal of Gregg Bernstein from office.

Talk Radio and Social Media is rife with the complaints of police brutality and government corruption---taxpayers are paying more in settlements than they are for services. It is the pay out of brutality settlements that is key in closing rec centers, because the money for rec centers and summer jobs are being paid out in brutality settlement and or negligently lost and misappropriated.

The Mayor and City Council have determined that the Baltimore Police Department can investigate its self when it comes to the use of deadly force and the Administrative Judge of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, State's Attorney's Office and Sheriff's Office have all colluded to deny the People access to the Foreman and Grand Jury to investigate certain cases that the State's Attorney has declined to prosecute and the Sheriff declined to investigate.

According to John W. Anderson this is the mission of the Sheriff under his command:

"John W. Anderson, Sheriff


 The Baltimore City Sheriff's Office shall constitutionally enforce both criminal and civil law  Through strength, courage, knowledge and dedication, we will keep our Circuit Court safe and free from threats and violence. We shall work relentlessly to bring to justice those who violate the law and inflict violence on others. In the spirit of service, and in keeping with our oath as Law Enforcement Officers, we will, without partiality or prejudice, treat people with fairness, equality, dignity and respect while remaining courteous at all times, consistent with maintaining the peoples trust in a democratic society, all the while furthering the public safety mission of Baltimore City and the State of Maryland." --SOURCE:

The Sheriff has failed to investigate more than $85 Million Dollars missing from the school system, $ 19 Million missing from HABC, $ 11 Million missing from the Homeless Program, Phone Gate, BPD Overtime-Gate, the murder of Officer William Torbit, Monet Turnage, Anthony Anderson, Tyrone West, George Booker Wells, Maurice Johnson, and other brutality and deadly force cases where it is clear the police have violated the civil rights of these victims under color of law.

The Sheriff has the power to enforce the city charter on the Mayor and City Council, the Sheriff has the power to enforce COMAR and the Maryland Code on the Mayor and City Council and every state agency that operates in the city.

The Sheriff on his website admits he has the power to "...constitutionally enforce both criminal and civil law".
 The Sheriff's website also delineates his power of enforcement and the authority from which it is derived:

" Enforcement Authority:

Deputy Sheriffs have the same Law Enforcement authority as the Police Department. Since the Sheriff is elected by the citizenry, only Deputy Sheriffs have the authority to enforce Civil Law in addition to Criminal and Traffic Law".  ---SOURCE: http://sheriff.baltimorecity.gov/EnforcementAuthority.aspx


Here again Sheriff Anderson informs the public that "only" his deputies have the power and "authority to enforce the Civil Law in addition to Criminal and Traffic Law".

Sheriff Anderson does not investigate civil crimes, he does not investigate violations of the Maryland Declaration of Rights, the Maryland Constitution, Maryland Court of Appeal precedents, the Code of Maryland, COMAR or the Baltimore City Charter which is all of the Civil Law that he has failed to enforce.

Sheriff Anderson has allowed government corruption at City Hall, the Department of Education, Central Bookings, the Juvenile Detention Center, he has denied the people access to the grand jury in violation of Brack v. Wells, 184 MD 86 and Blaney v. State, 74 M
D 153.











On November 4, 2014 Elect David Anthony Wiggins, Sheriff of Baltimore City!!!

 Authority: Citizens for David Anthony Wiggins©, Edward Nathaniel Brown, Treasurer

 © 2014 David Anthony Wiggins©, All rights reserved



Assessment of Facts on the Ground in Baltimore City

March 16, 2013

It has been determined that we will no longer continue to give an assessment of the facts on the ground

March 3, 2013:



The murders of Black men are continuing with no “ no motive”, “ no suspects” being reported to the news media. No reporter or government official have investigated how there are hundreds of murders in Baltimore City that have no suspects or motives for the killing. We have determined that elements within the PBD, and SHOMRIM are engaging in random assassinations of the type that were engaged in by U.S. forces in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and by IDF forces in the Occupied West Bank and Gaza

The probability of our assessment being correct is based on several grounds two of which, there are elements within the BPD that have served recently in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as, Israeli IDF Special Forces patrolling the streets of Baltimore City at night unsupervised. No independent ballistic analysis are conducted to determine the origin of the ammunition removed from the bodies of the murder victims. Baltimore City has settled numerous police brutality and police misconduct cases. Our actionable intelligence reports of police involvement in dealing guns, drugs, extortion, and other police “ misconduct” were validated by the prosecution of scores of BDP officers for the very crimes our sources had determined were taking place.

How many of the victims organs have been harvested by Johns Hopkins or the University of Maryland hospitals? There have been absolutely no coverage by the Baltimore media of Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, who in 2009 used Johns Hopkins and other hospitals to engage in unlawful organ harvesting. Johns Hopkins is historically known in Baltimore City for “ body snatching” for medial experiments well into the 1980s by Baltimore's Black population.

We have also determined that the War on Drugs and Guns declared by the governing class against the governed has resulted in harmful collateral damage that has wrecked a disproportionate loss of life, liberty and property of the Black population. Furthermore, the employment of the governing class depends largely upon crime and law enforcement, and any reduction in crime should lead to reducing the number of jails and other judicial and law enforcement agencies, hence it is not in the best interest of the governing class to eliminate crime. Crime generates revenue for the government and governing class.

March 3, 2013:


The Baltimore Peoples Assembly in conjunction with elements of Occupy Baltimore, Baltimore Cop Watch, The Friends of MacArthur, Masjid Jammat al Muslimeen, and others held 4 weekly peoples assemblies at the North Roland Park residence of Baltimore City States Attorney Gregg Bernstein, to give him lawful notice of the peoples dissent of his abuse of prosecutorial discretion in several police brutality and other cases. Our sources estimate that the municipal corporation spent more than 1.5 million dollars in equipment, fuel, logistical and manpower hours.

November 12, 2012:

The election is over and conditions in Baltimore have not changed since our February 5, 2012 Assessment.

June 10, 2012

Conditions are stagnant with no significant improvements since the February 5, 20212 Assessments. Individuals have begun to position themselves for the elections of 2014. The fact that the deplorable conditions that are holding the majority of Black people in Baltimore in poverty and legal slavery has not seemed to register with those individuals that claim to be “Leaders” or heads of various organizations.

February 18, 2012

Conditions are stagnant with no significant improvements since the February 5, 20212 Assessments.

The Solidarity Center and the SCLC Baltimore Chapter along with other coalition partners gathered at the site of the former Read’s Drugstore landmark, located at Howard & Lexington Streets, to protest the proposed demolition and sale of the site by “demolition by neglect”. Shorty’s Underground, served hot soup donated by Terra Cafe, to feed the homeless and other onlookers

February 15, 2012:

The United States, the State of Maryland, and the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore City show of force against the People’s Right to appear before the Grand Jury, which included snipers attached to the BPD Tactical Unit on both of the Court buildings. Video and photographs were up loaded to Facebook by Shorty, Sharon Galloway, George McDermot and David Carlin which detail the actions of the government to deny equal access to the Courts in accord with the law.

February 5, 2012

Economic Assessment: Economic Conditions for 67% of the total Black population in Baltimore City have been determined to be CRITICAL by our intelligence officers. “She[Stephanie Rawlings-Blake] has no plans to create jobs over the next fiscal year and I doubt if there will be any forthcoming” said a member of the Mayors Administration who wishes to remain anonymous.

Political Assessment: The Maryland States and The Mayor and City Council of Baltimore and Media are engaged in a campaign to enact legislation entitled “The Marriage Equality Act” and to enact legislation which would raise the gasoline tax by 6% per gallon. Our Council of Elders have determined and issued the following public statement: “The homosexual Democrat criminal cabal that controls the government and media in Baltimore City should address the critical economic conditions and continued civil rights violations perpetrated against Blacks by the Executive and Judicial Branches of the State of Maryland”.

Security Assessment: The safety and security of the free Black people in Baltimore City has been determined to be Dangerous: “


BREAKING: @Baltimore Police in east side house raid divy up drugs & cash among officers, then try to intimidate witnesses. Developing” reported A. F. James McArthur of McArthur International, a news reporting service in Baltimore City on Facebook™ , Wednesday.

Judicial Assessment: The Maryland Judiciary in Annapolis, Baltimore City and Baltimore County continues to violate the Civil Rights of the Black people of in those jurisdictions. The U.S. Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, and FBI Baltimore Chief Richard McFeely, are purportedly investigating these abuses, however, our sources at the Justice Department tell us that they “are hesitant to indict the entire government of a major municipality and members of the judiciary of the State”.

Media Assessment: The media continues to act as the fourth arm of the government and has refused to investigate and report verified evidence of public official criminality and acts of genocide committed by the government and membership of the Greater Baltimore Committee against the free Black People of Baltimore.


1960 © David Anthony Wiggins© All Rights Reserved

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